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How to Write the Perfect Resume - Resume Building Tips

Building a resume takes some effort, but with our tips below and our easy-to-use Resume Builder, we'll help you build the perfect resume today! If you want your potential employer to see you for the organized, intelligent, hard-working (you are, right?) person you are, you need to make the employer feel that from the way you build your resume. Here are some tips for preparing the perfect resume: Keep it short - one page, if possible.Be neat; make sure that you use bullet...

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Teen Job Resources

Teens can sometimes have a tough time finding a part time job. Everyone will always say you're not old enough, and there's always that problem of finding a way to get to your job. Look, understands! We've put together some articles to help you make the best of your situation, including helpful advice on how to handle your parents and teachers, how to best compromise on the car situation, and more. So read up.   
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Interview Tips

A good interview is an essential part of your job search. Everything about you will be observed and scrutinized, so it is important to dress appropriately, practice common questions, learn interview strategies and understand both your strengths and weaknesses. Here are some tips and techniques to help you succeed in interviews.   
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Before you can get that interview, it's usually important to have your resume in tip-top shape. Depending on the job, you might also want to tailor your resume to the type of job or even the specific position you are focused on. Here are some tips and techniques to help you write an effective resume.   
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Career Goals

Where will your Career take you? Or do you even know what you want to do in life? Don't worry if you don't. Most people don't find their true calling until they've experienced different types of jobs and lifestyles. is here to take some of the pressure off, and give you a heads up on the many different career choices that are out there.   
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Student Resources

Heading off to School? Concerned about working while in school? Confused about financial aid options and academic programs? Here are some resources to help you prepare for your next year of school. Whether it is high school or college, we've got you covered.   
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