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Heading off to School? Concerned about working while in school? Confused about financial aid options and academic programs? Here are some resources to help you prepare for your next year of school. Whether it is high school or college, we've got you covered.

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Types of Colleges

The list is almost endless--colleges, universities, community colleges, private colleges, public colleges, vocational schools. What do they all mean and where do you begin? Once you know where you want to end up, then you have to find the right school ... Read More

How to Ask Your Past Employer for a Recommendation Letter

Obtaining a recommendation letter from a past employer can be a lengthy process that begins long before you end your time as their employee. There are several tasks you must complete before quitting a job in order to expect the ... Read More

Working with Job Recruiters: What to Expect

Working on behalf of an employer, job recruiters match job opportunities with job seekers that have registered with their recruitment ... Read More

Is a Work Study Program Right for You?

When you attend college, a work study program might be able to provide you with some benefits. Depending on your ... Read More

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