What Is a GrooveAGENT?

GrooveAGENT's are a network of volunteer marketers, who participate in Word-of-Mouth Marketing campaigns. It is a community of communicators. It is a no obligation, no nonsense, fun job.

How many hours do I have to work a week?

Very, very little. As a matter of fact it won't even seem like work.

It goes like this -- how many times a week do you hear someone say "I need to get a job"? Next time you hear someone whining about needing a job, tell them about That's it. Again, it takes very little time and you won't have to change anything in your daily routine -- just mention us the next time someone says "I need to get a job"

Does GrooveAGENT seed comments in chat rooms, forums or review sites?

GrooveAGENTs don't attempt to be a part online communities they aren't part of. They do participate in communities that they are currently a member of, and currently have an affiliation with. And, they only take part in an online community if they are interested in sharing their online opinion.

Does GrooveAGENT script things for me to say?

We'll provide you with ideas and points of interest, but the rest is up to you. We'll also provide you with ideas for great activities. But we want you to form and share your own opinion. It's your personal script that counts.

What do I get for being a GrooveAGENT?

First, you get to be part of one of the coolest reality marketing experiences ever.

Second, you get a set of business cards and software that will help you spread the GrooveJob word. Occasionally, we'll send you packages with other goodies for being a GrooveAGENT.

And third - you can earn all sorts of rewards. We'll grant you points for your activities, which you can redeem for rewards like: restaurant gift certificates, X-Boxes, Trikkes, cell phones and much, much more!

If I join GrooveAGENT, am I obligated to do anything?

Not at all. This is a no obligation type of gig.

How many GrooveAGENTs are there?

If you join, there will be one more than there is now...

If I sign up for GrooveAGENT, will you spam me?

Never! GrooveAGENT is absolutely against spam. We don't offer advertising on our site, and we will never let anyone email our members. The only emails you'll receive from us will be about the campaigns.

How do I get in touch with GrooveAGENT?

Yahoo/AOL Instant Message: agentgroovejob Email us: Call us: 866-6-GROOVE

Can I earn cash for being a GrooveAGENT?

Depends. We occassionally offer money as a reward for your activities and it's only when you exceed certain goals. We do offer gift certificates, and always offer cool, hard-to-get prizes.

What should I do when I join?

A good first step is to go through and become a member, and then join GrooveAGENT by emailing us here. Once you become an AGENT, you'll receive a packet of information outlining the goals of an AGENT. These should help you get a good idea of what GrooveAGENT is about, how to create buzz and what we like in our AGENTS.

What if I have a suggestion for GrooveAGENT?

We love suggestions. We learn from your suggestions, and implement the best ones. Send your suggestion to us. If we use it, we'll send you some cool stuff!

Can I really Instant Message GrooveAGENT?

Sure. IM us at agentgroovejob (Yahoo/AOL).

How come you don't answer your Instant Message all the time?

We do our best to respond to every IM we get. Sometimes we're away from the computer, or have actually gone home (belive it or not, we do have lives outside of work). If you IM us when we're out, we'll try you back when we get in.

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