Guest Experience Agent



Job Description

Description: This role is responsible for objectively assessing the guest experience against defined 7-Eleven operational standards and assisting Store Operators and Field Consultants in action planning improvement areas. As “the keeper of operational standards”, this role will serve as a critical resource and business partner for the Field Consultants and Market Managers, with three primary responsibilities:

1. Evaluating store execution against 7-Eleven standards regarding cleanliness, guest service and quality (approx 55% of time).

2. Consulting/influencing Store Operators and Field Consultants on targeted action planning and training/calibrating FCs, MMs and Franchisees on 7-Eleven standards, as needed (approx 30% of time)

3. Evaluating trends/themes across stores and making recommendations to address (approx 10% of time)

Note: Remaining 5% of time will be spent completing some administrative work (scheduling, reporting, etc)

The Guest Experience Agent will evaluate around 100 stores each month. Each store visit is expected to take approximately 1-1/1/2 hours, with half the time being spent evaluating the store and the other half spent reviewing the evaluation and consulting with the Store Operator on quality and service action plans.

The evaluations will be conducted throughout 1st and 2nd shifts, from 5:00am-9:00pm.

Location Information

ROMNEY, WV 26757