Process Auction Listings from Home fully automated system with 24/7 support, and full training. Companies Are Desperate For People Like You To Independently Process Their Auction Listings From Home! You see, there is $59 Billion in product sold on eBay every year, and companies need tons of people to submit and process their auction listings! Companies don't want to process these listings themselves. They would have to buy new buildings and hire and house tons of new employees to do that. Plus When they process orders on eBay they are generating sales that required no advertising. They are saving millions of dollars by not having to advertise in newspapers, radio or TV. They are eager to pass that savings on to someone who can list their products on auction sites like eBay. Instead, they know anyone of any age and background can do this because it's very simple and easy, and anyone can learn to do it in an afternoon and begin immediately. And it can be done from anywhere. Therefore, companies much prefer to have people listing their products, independently, from home.

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