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A seasonal job can be any job that is performed during a specific period of time. A couple of good examples would be retail jobs during the holiday season or working at an amusement park during the summer months. Retail jobs open up fast during the holidays and fill up even faster, but then when the holidays are over, so is the job. Same holds true for summer jobs -- during the summer places like amusement parks hire by the thousands but then once Labor Day arrives, most of the jobs go away.

The best part about seasonal jobs is that if you put a little thought into the types of businesses that get busy during either the summer or during the holidays, your chances of landing a job can be pretty good.

For example, take summer jobs. It's easy to think about the typical outdoor summer job. Amusement parks, pools, beaches all come to mind when thinking about a part time job. But what about an office job? Summertime is when families take extended vacations, often leaving large employers short-handed during the summer. An office job during the summer can expose you to great opportunities.

How about holiday jobs?Just walk through any mall and you can find hundreds of jobs -- all with retailers desperate for help. But what about the shipping companies like UPS and FedEx? How do you think all of those holiday gifts at the stores get delivered? And here's a secret, these guys pay great hourly wages!

The key to finding a seasonal job is timing. You need to know when and where to start looking. has dozens of great seasonal jobs for you. Whether you're looking for a seasonal job during the holiday season or if you're interested in an opportunity during your summer break, just type in your zip code above to find a great seasonal job!

Looking for great seasonal jobs? With over 25,000 jobs around the country, you've come to the right place! You can search by city or state, or you can even search by zip code for a seasonal job. Once you find the right summer job for you, you can easily apply online. And if this is your first time searching for seasonal jobs, you can check out our resource center for great tools and tips on how to land your seasonal job.

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