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Just think, you're looking for job, you find one on the Internet that sounds great and next thing you know, the employer wants to do a "background check" prior to meeting you.

So, you give up your name, address, and social security number via email prior to your first interview. Sounds cool, right? Well, no.

Unfortunately the Internet has given scam artists, con artists, identity thieves, crooks, etc. (you get the picture) an ideal tool to steal information and possibly your identity from you. Just recently two incidents (one affecting over 30,000 people and one from another job board) of identity theft have made national news.

As a job seeker of, you can be sure that any job posting listed on our site is a bona fide job posting as we verify every single employer prior to their posting a job. You will NEVER have to worry about false job postings used in deceptive ways. But even though we verify EVERY single posting, we want to make sure that you protect yourself.

**Also, will NEVER ask you for your social security number.**

Any time you search for a job using any Internet-based job board, there are a few key points that you must consider:

  • Never give your social security number to an employer prior to an interview, even if they suggest that it is for a “routine background check.” Trust us, no reputable employer does a background check prior to a first interview. And if they do, they should re-evaluate their process. Trust us.

  • Never provide your banking information, or engage in any financial transactions over the web with any potential employer.

  • Do not provide any non-work related personal information (i.e. physical characteristics, marital status, etc.) over the phone or online.

  • If you see a job posting that you feel is questionable, please report the posting to The Team at [email protected].

If you think you have been a victim of fraud, immediately report the fraud to your local police and contact @ 866-6-GROOVE, so steps can be taken for your safety. You can also contact the Federal Trade Commission’s toll free hotline @ 1-877-ID-THEFT.


The Team

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