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Building a good, clean resume is an important first step in searching for a job, even a part time job or an hourly job. A resume is a document that summarizes your life's accomplishments, emphasizing your qualifications for a position. Simply put, a resume is a brochure advertising you to potential employers.

Impress potential employers! Use as much detail as possible when you complete your resume so that employers know as much about you as possible. Even if you're applying for your first REAL job, be sure to list any baby-sitting, pet-sitting or lawn care jobs. The more an employer knows about you and your background, the better the your chances of getting an interview!

To get started using ResumeBUILDER™, Login Here or Sign Up Now for a new account. Once you've completed filling in your Membership Profile, you can use the Resume Builder, which is outlined below.

Step 1: A Simple Introduction

Step 2: Enter Your Resume Basics

You have to start somewhere right? Well, this little section of ResumeBUILDER™ is where you will enter things like your career objectives, if you have any, so that Employers can get a better picture of who you are, and what you're like. Of course, you don't have to enter anything if you don't want to. Our Resource Center has tips on effective resume writing, if you need some assistance...

Other sections in the Resume Basics step include Awards/Special Recognition, Licenses, Interests, and Special Skills, each of which print out on your completed resume in their own special sections.

Step 3: Enter Your Employment History

Perhaps the most inspected section of ResumeBUILDER™ by Employers is the Employment History section. It houses information regarding any companies you have worked for in the past, and the responsibilities and duties you may have had while employed there. Employers look closely at this section because it shows two major things about you:

  1. What kind, and how much responsibility have you been given in previous positions. This gives the Employer an idea of the kind of work s/he can expect from you.

  2. How much general experience you have working a) with others, and b) by yourself. Both of these qualities are important to an Employer, and what you enter in the Notes and Responsibilities sections for each position should explain how you communicate effectively with others, but also how you can handle work well by yourself, with little supervision.

There are spaces for your last 4 positions, if needed... We advise you to enter the positions starting with your most recent employer.

Step 4: Enter Your Education

The Education History section is fairly straight-forward. You can put up to 4 schools in to ResumeBUILDER™, and include information concerning when you attended, whether you graduated, and notes on, for instance, your Major or GPA. As with the Employment History section, we advise you to enter the schools starting with your most recent.

Step 5: Enter Any References

The References section allows you to enter up to 4 people which the potential Employer can use as references in checking your background or your employment history. Not all employers check backgrounds, (in fact, few do a thorough check), however, References are extremely important to include on a resume because they show the Employer that you are serious about your employment history, and that you stand behind what you have included in your resume.

Step 6: Print Your Resume

The last step is to check the printable version of your resume. What you see below is exactly what an Employer will see when you apply for a position through and the Employer accepts online applications. You can choose NOT to include your resume when applying through the site simply by unchecking the "Include My Resume" checkbox when submitting your application, however we strongly advise including at least a basic resume. Anyway, when we've done all the hard work of formatting and standardizing your resume, and all you have to do is fill in the blanks, why not!? Below is an example of a printable resume created by ResumeBUILDER™.

You may choose at any time to print your resume by clicking on the "Print My Resume" link inside your Account Manager.

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