6 Careers with Positive Career Trends

Choosing a job that has positive career trends can help you ensure that you are going to have steady employment in the future. Some of the careers that are in high demand will pay you a great wage and you will be able to have some say over where you work. Here are a few careers that have positive career trends moving forward.

1. Nurse

One of the most in demand jobs in the world today is that of a nurse. There are many hospitals and medical facilities that could use more nurses right now. This trend is only expected to continue in the next 10 to 20 years. With the baby boomer generation getting older, there is going to be a bigger need for healthcare than ever before in this country. This means that if you are interested in becoming a nurse, you are going to be able to earn some great money and have job security. You will basically be able to pick where you want to work and what your schedule is going to be. There are going to be plenty of job openings for LPN's and for RN's in the future. You can typically get a nursing degree in 1 to 2 years, but there are some four year programs out there as well.

2. Retail Salesperson

There is basically always a need for quality retail salespeople. In the future, this need is expected to continue to grow. If you have the ability to sell successfully, you are in a small minority of the population. Therefore, if you have this ability, you might want to consider fostering it and move into retail sales. If you are successful, you can make some significant money.

3. Post Secondary Teachers

There is also going to be a huge demand for postsecondary teachers. More and more people are attending postsecondary institutions and therefore, they are going to need more teachers than ever. In order to be qualified as this type of teacher, you are going to have to get at least a masters degree or doctorate degree.

4. Home Health Aides

There is also a huge demand for home health aides. With many people getting older, they are going to need someone to help take care of them. Many nurses are going to help in this area, but you can also avoid getting the nursing certification and still get involved in this field.

5. Information Systems

With rapid advancements in technology, there is also going to be a big demand for people to specialize in information systems. There are many different educational programs that you can take in order to get involved in this industry. You will be able to work for a variety of different employers all across the country in this profession.

6. Customer Service

As businesses continue to expand, there is going to be an increased demand for customer service personnel. Those that can work with the public successfully and handle their concerns are going to be in high demand.

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