6 Job Search Trends That Are Changing the Employment Game

2018 is gearing up to be an exciting time for jobseekers. Although the unemployment rate is currently at an all-time low of 4.1 percent, the number of job openings continues to rise to a high of 6.3 million as of January 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These numbers mean endless career possibilities for jobseekers, but only if you know which job search trends to follow.

Below we've profiled six of the top employment trends that are changing the way we look for and apply for work.

Job Search Trend #1: The End of the Paper Resume

The majority of jobseekers and employers have gone digital with their hiring process. While the layout and general how to write a resume are the same, the delivery is different. Gone are the days when you mailed a hundred copies of the same resume to various job postings.

Today, jobseekers need to personalize their digital resumes to the desired job opening before submitting them if they have any chance of getting an interview invitation. If you're applying to a series of open roles, consider using a resume builder. These tools help you create a beautifully structured resume that you can easily edit and personize to each application.

Job Search Trend #2: Personality is Playing a Big Role in the Job Search Process

Speaking of personalization: your work experience and professional skills do play a large part in getting you past the initial resume screening. But your personality and ability to blend into the company culture and team dynamic is equally as, if not more, valuable to employers.

There are a few simple ways to stand out throughout the application process. Be sure to send a polite follow-up after every interaction. These small social interactions keep you fresh in the mind of the hiring managers as well as impart a small window into your day to day interactions.

Job Search Trend #3: An Increased Focus on the Mobile Job Search

According to a 2017 job search disruption study, a higher number of jobseekers search and apply for work through their mobile phones. As such, a higher number of job boards and jobseeker resources are investing in mobile-friendly sites and apps. If you're interested in learning how to make your resume and cover letter mobile-friendly, check out this article.

Job Search Trend #4: AI platforms are Streamlining the Application Process

According to Forbes, 65 percent of new hires start looking for work within 91 days, leading to a new cycle of searching for both jobseekers and employers. Since employers invest a lot on staff regarding advertising job openings, interviewing candidates, and training new hires, they're turning towards data and artificial intelligence(AI) to improve the job seeking process for all parties involved. 

Although the majority of AI aims to streamline the job hunt on the employer's end, several companies are working to make the job search simpler for jobseekers. Startups like Talent Sonar and Entelo are aiming to improve gender and racial diversity by hiding applicant names, genders, and persona identifiers to eliminate unconscious bias.

Additional AI programs are focusing on treating jobseekers like customers: they create personalized follow-ups or scan the regions average pay grade to ensure jobseekers earn fair wages.

Job Search Trend #5: Using the Internet to Self-Market Your Job Skills

Independent contractor roles and the gig economy are changing the employee/employer dynamic. With this new system of workers-for-hire, it's essential to craft a compelling online personal brand through professional websites, online portfolios, and strategic social media accounts. It's imperative that you learn how to sell yourself in a compelling, original, and truthful manner to set yourself apart from the competition.

Job Search Trend #6: The Application Process is Becoming Transparent

At last! Instead of sending off their resumes and twiddling their thumbs, jobseekers will be able to track where they are in the job application process. An increasing number of companies are creating transparency throughout their hiring process, allowing job seekers to relax and know where they stand. An early pioneer in this technique is Johnson & Johnson

Keep the above trends in mind while you conduct a search for work, and know that you can spring board into additional content on each one via a simple Google search. Best of luck!

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