8 Job Apps Online for Jumpstarting Your Job Search

8 Job Apps Online for Jumpstarting Your 2018 Job Search | Groove Job

Whether you're bored at work or ready for a greater professional challenge, it can be hard to dive into the job search. Fortunately, 2018 is the year of jobseeker opportunities! With 6.7 million jobs on the market, the time has come for you to update your LinkedIn and begin applying. Use these nine job apps online to speed up and organize your job search.

1. Glassdoor Job Search

Glassdoor offers a streamlined search tool that links you to matching job titles and local jobs. You can find their job app online, on iOS and on Android.

You crossed all of the job search hurdles: you sent in a killer resume, aced the phone interview, and bonded with your on-site interviewers. Now you have the offer letter in front of you, but you're not one-hundred-percent sure if the office culture is totally right for you.

Good&Co uses a series of personality quizzes to identify your professional strengths, which in turn can help you make the call on fit at a particular company. You can also unlock a series of company pages and connect to thousands of employers through the app.

3. Huntr

As soon as you submit your resume, you must begin tracking who you've submitted it to. Chances are good that you're applying to multiple roles over the span of a few weeks. With so many applications out, it can be hard to keep track of responses and scheduled interviews.

In comes Huntr, a new job app online that helps you keep your job search organized. You can track scheduled interviews, tasks, job descriptions, locations, and salaries, as well as share your progress with friends and career advisors.

4. Job Flare

How can you tell if you're truly qualified for a job? Searching for a job is exhausting and repetitive - something made worse when you step into a role and realize it's not what you expected. So why not bring a little fun with a job app online?

Job Flare lets you set up a profile with your career goals, after which you play a series of brain games that can track performance and help predict job success. The app uses this information to pair you with open roles where you can learn and thrive.

5. LinkUp

Although job boards are a great starting point, a lot of job postings get close to the end of their lives once they go live. Many companies look for internal recruits or meet with employee recommendations before they publicly post the open role.

LinkUp is a job app online that partners with companies to link candidates to a new role before the open position is posted to online job boards, getting you access to those hidden positions and ensuring that you won't find old, duplicated, spammy job listings.

6. LiveCareer Apply

Once you identify which jobs you're interested in, you'll notice the same fill-in application forms with likely every position you apply for. It's a carousel of the same questions: name, contact, experience, repeat. Fortunately, the new LiveCareer Apply tool helps you autofill your job application across multiple career sites.

The tool gets smarter every time that you use it, so you can quickly apply to multiple jobs in half the time! It's now available as a free Chrome extension--simply search the Chrome Store with the term "LiveCareer Apply" to find and download.

7. My Perfect Resume

It's easy to pull up your old resume, add your latest role, and send it out to recruiters. But time brings perspective. It's possible for you to refresh all your previous responsibilities to reflect your accomplishments and skill set a lot better.

Consider starting your resume from scratch with My Perfect Resume. You can create a compelling resume draft using professionally designed templates and pre-written job descriptions. Then, easily edit your resume to match each new job that you're applying to.

8. Switch

You spend most of your time at your job. It makes sense that you should approach your job search as a long-term commitment. Switch brings the matching aspect of most dating apps to your work search. This web and mobile apps suggest companies that you can swipe left or right on, matching you to new career possibilities.

My Perfect Resume offers resume samples and resume templates to work from, plus guidance on how to write a cover letter (among many other things). Stop by today, and get your career search on the fast track!

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