Changing Careers: How to Make a Plan

The process of changing careers might seem like a daunting task at times. However, if you make a plan to change careers, you can successfully move into a job that you love. Here are the basics of making a plan to change careers.


In order to make a successful career change plan, you need to decide what you like to do. Most likely the reason that you want to change careers is because you do not like your current job. When you start working toward a new career, you need to make sure that you like your new job. Start thinking about the things you enjoy doing and the things you do not.


You also need to spend some time determining what you are good at. Ideally you would be able to find a job that would allow you to excel and to move up easily. Look at the skills that you use in your current position. Determine what skills you could take with you to another career. You also need to keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to have all of the skills for a new career already developed. You can always develop skills as you go if you need new skills.


Before you change careers, you should also look at what educational requirements your new career will involve. Determine if you are going to have to go back to school or if your current education is enough to support changing careers. In many cases you will need to go back to school and specialize in a particular field. You need to figure out how long this process will take before you can get started in your new career. Many times the length of the education will determine whether changing careers is a good option for you. You probably need a certain amount of income in order to survive. Therefore you may not be able to drop everything and go back to school for the next several years to make changing careers possible.


Once you decide what career you want to get into, you need to spend some time networking in that field. You can attend organizational meetings, clubs and any other type of gathering that has people in your chosen field. If you meet the right people and get to know them, you can gain an inside track toward getting a job in the future.


As part of your plan for changing careers, you should also come up with a strategy to gain experience in your field. This strategy might involve taking an internship with a company in your area of expertise. You might even be able to get involved with a job-shadowing program or something else that allows you to learn about your chosen career.

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