Creating a Career Mission Statement

Creating a career mission statement is an important part of developing your career. You should start creating a career mission statement as early as you possibly can. Here are the basics of what a career mission statement is and how to create an effective one.

What Is a Career Mission Statement?

A career mission statement is a detailed statement of what you hope to accomplish in your career. This statement will include details about your career and the ideal position that you would like to be a. A career mission statement is designed to help you focus in and stay motivated in your career. People that use career mission statements often find that they will more easily stay focused on the tasks at hand and will achieve their goals sooner in life. 

Deciding What You Want

The first step in the process of creating a successful mission statement is to determine what you want out of your career. Many people get into a particular field and have no idea where they want to be. You need to determine exactly what position within your field you would like to have. Think about your reasons for getting in to your chosen field. Visualize what your perfect job would look like and what you hope to accomplish during your career. Start writing out some ideas as you brainstorm on the subject.

Focus on Early Career

When thinking about what your mission statement should be, try to focus on the early portion of your career. It is easier to picture where you will be in 3 to 5 years than if you were to imagine where you will be 30 years from now. Many people decide to change careers or go down a different path at some point. Therefore, try to focus on what you will immediately be shooting for in your career.

Wording the Statement

When wording your mission statement, you need to be as descriptive as possible. However, you want to limit your statement to about 30 words. An example of an appropriate mission statement would be "My career mission statement is to become one of the top electrical engineers in the industry." 

Changing Your Statement

Many times, you will find it necessary to alter your mission statement. As discussed earlier, your career goals might change and you might want to get into a completely different profession. This is all normal and completely fine. When this happens, simply write a new career mission statement and begin using it. There is nothing wrong with changing your direction as long as it is for a good reason.

Working with Your Statement

Once you create your career mission statement, you should practice reading it everyday. It will allow you to keep the ultimate goal in mind at all times. Many people like to write out their career mission statements on an index card and put them in a prominent location. This will allow you to remain focused and get to your ultimate position faster.

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