How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job

By My Perfect Resume


No matter how thrilled you were on your first day at work, any job can feel predictable or mundane after enough time. Some learn to loathe their daily routine, no matter how much joy they felt on day one. If you presently feel this way, you're not alone. A 2017 Gallup poll revealed that only 15 percent of the world's workers feel engaged with their work.

But don't let this statistic discourage you from aspiring to love your livelihood. We've got a handful of time-tested tips for how to reinvigorate your passion for what you do, or to keep things exciting so you don't become disillusioned with your work life. Below you'll find our best advice for how to fall back in love with your job.

Take a vacation

The most intuitive way to keep parts of your life fresh is to spend time away from them. Nothing puts old experiences into perspective like new experiences, so if you can, treat yourself to some form of vacation. You probably deserve one!

Not all employees are lucky enough to have employers that grant paid time off (or time off at all), but if a moment away from your normal life is what you need, see if you can get away for a weekend or take a spontaneous day trip. This could mean spending time with family or finally visiting semi-local landmarks. Anything that breaks your normal routine should make returning to it a bit more palatable.

Reboot your position

One of the best ways to fall back in love with your job is to change what you do, even if only slightly. If your once-engaging work doesn't quite do it for you anymore, perhaps inquire about taking on new responsibilities that cater to your strengths (or what you would like your strengths to be), or ask to be moved to a different team or department altogether. This could lead to discovering a new passion or maybe just break up the usual monotony.

If your job doesn't allow for that much latitude with your duties, home in on any small changes you can make. Moving desks or workstations can introduce you to new views and coworkers, and simply reorganizing or redecorating your workspace might brighten your perspective.

Specialize in what you like

If taking on new tasks can't be a solution (or isn't enough of one), narrowing your focus onto fewer, more enjoyable responsibilities could renew your interest at work. Think of which aspects of your job you like the most or particularly excel at. Would you enjoy your position more if these were your core responsibilities?

If the answer is "yes," looking into making that scenario a reality may result in the excitement boost you need. Sometimes a short conversation with your boss is all it takes to fall back in love with your job.

Establish a side job

Similar to taking a vacation, pursuing extra work can help you consider your day job in a new light. Even if the side job doesn't differ greatly from your main one, tiny differences can highlight things you didn't realize you appreciated. Employee benefits, a consistent break schedule, positive relationships with coworkers, or the opportunity to sit down while working are among a handful of aspects you might unconsciously take for granted.

Turning your hobbies into side streams of income may also help introduce more passion into your work life, even if the only change is that you'll now look forward to diving into those personal projects after you're done working nine to five.

Update your resume

One of the easiest and most productive ways to see your work with new eyes is to update your resume, especially if it has been years since you've done so. Listing your accomplishments and responsibilities in a format meant to flatter your reputation should hopefully bring out feelings of pride, and it's likely to only improve the way you see your work history.

If dusting off and updating your resume seems daunting, you're not alone in feeling that way. My Perfect Resume's Resume Builder is the perfect tool for those who either aren't sure what their resume should look like or don't have time to stress over the smaller details of their page's design. And if you are looking to do all the resume work on your own, go back to square one and learn how to write a resume.

If none of the above strategies sound like enough to make you fall back in love with your job, or if your work is leading you to experience negative mental or physical health effects, it may be time to move on from said position.The tips above are most useful when trying to reignite interest in your work. If you're absolutely miserable and it's affecting other areas of your life, alternative employment options should probably be considered.

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