Job Search and Networking Tips during Unemployment

There are a number of networking tips that can come in handy whenever you are unemployed. Trying to find a job when you are unemployed can be difficult but you will usually have more luck whenever you use networking to your advantage. Here are some job search and networking tips for when you are unemployed.

Treat it as a Job

Whenever you are unemployed, you need to focus on finding a job. Treat job searching as if it was a job in itself. You need to get up every morning and spend the majority of your day looking for a job. Many people will periodically look at the job listings or send someone a resume, but they do not take a proactive approach to job searching. If you want to be successful, you are going to have to take your job searching seriously and spend some time on it.

Association Meetings

In many cases, you should consider attending association meetings in your area so that you can meet people that work in the field that you are interested in. These meetings are great place to start networking and get to know people that could potentially help you find a job in the future. Do not expect them to offer you a job on the spot. However, if you consistently start going to these meetings and start to make an impression on people, you are going to do nothing but help yourself. Try to go to as many of these meetings as possible.

Update Your Resume

Whenever you are unemployed, you need to spend some time updating your resume. You need to think of anything that you need to add to it in order to show what type of a worker you will be. Many people forget to update their resume after leaving a job and it could negatively impact their chances of getting a job in the future. Since you have some extra free time now, you should be continually thinking of ways to improve your resume.


You should also get in the habit of visiting business establishments that are in your area of expertise. Even if they are not necessarily hiring or have a job opening, you should still stop by and visit them. You do not want to go in every day and ask if they have a job. However, you can drop in periodically so that they will get to know you. Drop off a copy of your resume so that they will have it on file. If you do this, they are going to refer to your resume whenever someone leaves their job. Many times, they will not even list a job opening if you have made an impression on them and they already have your resume on file.

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