Job Search Tips after being Laid Off

Learning some basic job search tips can be helpful whenever you are laid off unexpectedly. Once you have lost your job, you need to start looking for a new job again. Here are some job search tips after being laid off.

Start Immediately

After people get laid-off, they have a tendency to relax for a while before they start looking for another job. This is typically not a good idea because it leads to long layoff periods. You should immediately start getting back out there and looking for another job as soon as you can. People have a tendency to get comfortable not going to work after they have been laid off. In order to avoid this scenario, you need to start your job search the day after you are laid off.


One place that you should check for job openings is the classified section. Many employers will still post job openings in the classified section of the newspaper. Get a copy of the newspaper or go online to the newspaper's website. This way, you will be able to see what jobs are available in your area immediately.

In addition to checking out newspaper classifieds, you should investigate some online classified websites as well. Websites like Craigslist are a great resource for finding recent job openings. Many employers post on classified websites like this because they are inexpensive or free and a lot of people look at them.

Career Websites

Besides looking at classified ads, you should also check out some of the many career websites that are out there. These websites allow employers to post job openings on them and provide a lot of detailed information about the jobs. For job seekers, you will be able to sort the listings and search according to certain keyword terms. This will allow you to zero in on the jobs that you want and that are available. Many of these websites will also allow you to post your resume so that you can be discovered by employers even if you do not see the job opening that you want.

Be Proactive

Even if you do not see a job opening in any of the traditional places, you should still keep searching for a job. Go to the businesses that you would like to work for and ask them if they are looking for any help. Sometimes, an opportunity will present itself before it is even posted in any of the job sites or newspaper. Even if a company does not have a job opening at that exact moment, you should still fill out an application or drop them off a copy of your resume. This way, whenever someone leaves the company, you will already have your name in with them and they will be likely to call you first.

More Information

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