Part-Time Job Resignation: Dos and Don'ts

When you are getting ready for a job resignation, there are certain things you should do and certain things you should avoid. Here are some dos and don'ts when it comes to a part-time job resignation. 

1: Give Ample Notice

Do give your employer plenty of notice before your job resignation takes effect. Most of the time, you have been thinking about quitting your part-time job long before you actually go through with it. Therefore, you need to extend your employer the courtesy of letting them know in advance. You should plan on giving them at least 2 weeks so that they will have plenty of time to find a replacement for you. Even if they cannot hire someone in this amount time, it will give them some time to collect applications and start the search. Even if you are in a hurry to get out of your job, you should offer them 2 weeks. They may not necessarily need that much time, but it will bode well for you if you need a recommendation in the future.

2: Maintain a Professional Attitude

Do try to be professional at all times. Many people get into a shouting match with their bosses and end up storming out of their jobs. Whenever you resign, you need to try to be as professional as you can so you will not burn any bridges when you go. Try not to get into any fights with anyone before you leave and treat your job resignation as an opportunity to show how professional you really are.

3: Put Your Job Resignation in Writing

Do put your job resignation in writing. You need to write a resignation letter in the majority of cases. This is going to be the most professional way to handle your resignation. You will be able to spend some time and think about the best way to word what you want to say. Many people that do not write a resignation letter end up saying the wrong thing when they are in a meeting with their bosses. By writing a letter, you can take the time to say exactly what you want so that there is no confusion later.

4: Don't Allow Your Job Resignation to Get Personal

Don't allow this to get personal at any point. Even though you have most likely developed relationships with your coworkers while you have worked in this position, you need to try to avoid getting too personal, especially in the case of negative emotions or problems between you and another employee.

5: Don't Beat around the Bush

Don't beat around the bush. A job resignation should get straight to the point. Tell your employer that you are giving them 2 weeks' notice and you are going to be leaving on a specific date after that. Many times people start talking about other things and then they keep putting off resigning.

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