So You Want to be a Doctor?

Becoming a doctor can provide you with one of the most prestigious and rewarding jobs that the world has to offer. Doctors will always be in demand and highly sought after. Here are a few things to consider about becoming a doctor and what is involved with the job.


In order to become a doctor, you are going to have to go through a substantial amount of education. This means that you should get used to the idea of being in school for the long-term. You will first have to obtain your high school diploma. At that point, you can attend an accredited university in order to obtain your bachelors degree. Many people will recommend that you go into a premed program in order to have the best shot at getting into medical school. However, you could potentially pursue any degree that you want and still get into medical school. Many choose to get a degree in chemistry or biology before moving on to med school. During college, you will want to make sure that you get good grades and participate in extracurricular activities. You want to build up your resume as much as you can before applying for medical school.

After college, you should apply to several different medical schools. Once you get accepted to the one that you want, you will attend medical school for approximately 4 years. This will give you a focused education on medical knowledge. You may choose to pursue an emphasis in a particular area of medicine. Others decide to pursue a career as a general practitioner and learn a little bit about everything.


Once you graduate from medical school, you will have to go through a residency program before you can practice on your own. This process usually takes anywhere from 3 to 10 years to complete. You will be working in a real-life medical setting such as a hospital. You will be working with other doctors and medical personnel in order to learn while you are on-the-job. Many people consider this to be the most valuable aspect of their medical training as it gives them real world experience.

Job Options

Once you have completed all of your medical training and residency program, you will have many different potential job options available to you. Many doctors decide to pursue a career in a hospital setting. Others prefer more of a clinical environment to work in. Some doctors decide to open their own practices and be in charge of their own business. You might even decide to get into a travel medical job and see the world. As a qualified doctor, you will have no shortage of options in front of you. 

Working as a Doctor

Once you become a doctor, you will be able to earn a fantastic salary and make a difference in peoples lives. You will literally be saving lives on a daily basis. This can provide you with a great career and a promising future in every area of your life.

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