So You Want to be a Lawyer?

Many people dream of getting a job as a lawyer in the future. Being a lawyer can provide you with a prestigious career and a great salary as well. Here are the basics of becoming a lawyer and what you can expect once you get there.


Education is a very important part of the process of becoming a lawyer. You will need to start off by obtaining your high school diploma. At that point, you will need to attend an accredited university in order to obtain a bachelors degree. This is referred to as a pre-law degree. You should be able to get your bachelors degree in anything that you want. However, many people will get their degree in political science, criminal justice, or one of the behavioral sciences. Although almost any degree is acceptable, you will need to maintain a high GPA in order to have a good chance at getting into law school. 

After you graduate from college, you will need to take the Law School Aptitude Test. This is also referred to as the LSAT. The minimum score that you want to get on this exam is 120 in order to be considered for admission to law school.

Once you have successfully completed the exam, you will have to apply to law school. You may need to apply to several different law schools in order to get accepted. Once you have been admitted into a law school program, you will have to attend for approximately 3 to 4 years. After you graduate, you will have a J.D. which stands for Juris Doctorate. 


After you have obtained your degree, you will need to pass the Bar Exam in order to start practicing as a lawyer. After you pass the exam, you will be licensed to practice in your geographic area. You will also have to go through an interview process with the law examiners board in the state in which you practice.

Working As a Lawyer

Once you have successfully completed your training and licensing requirements, you can start working as a lawyer. There are many different opportunities to get into once you become a lawyer. You will be working directly with the public and in the court system. Many lawyers choose to open their own practices and start taking clients. Other lawyers try to become a DA or get involved as a public defender.

Lawyers also tend to specialize in certain areas. You might want to become an environmental lawyer and help with special-interest groups. You might decide to focus on family law and help individual families. There are many different areas that you might choose to specialize in once you become a lawyer.

Opportunities for Advancement

After you have worked as a lawyer for a certain amount of time, you will be presented with several opportunities for advancement. Many lawyers eventually become judges in the area in which they live. Others get into consulting roles or take positions for large corporations. As a lawyer, there will be no shortage of future opportunities for you.

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