Student Loan Debt? Seasonal Work? Consider Truck Driving.

Finding a job immediately after school can be difficult in today's economy. Student loan debt is practically a national crisis. It can also be difficult to find seasonal work that is always available. For both these situations, there is one industry that consistently gets overlooked - truck driving.

Always in Demand

Truck driving makes the economy go 'round. Everything you buy has likely touched a truck at some point. Despite this, there is a severe shortage of truck drivers at the moment. Trucking companies are desperately seeking hard workers, and they're willing to pay well to get them.

You may not have considered truck driving before, but it's one industry that has plenty of job openings. It's relatively cheap to get training, get your Commercial Driver's License (CDL), and start driving. Some companies will even reimburse your CDL training costs in exchange for an agreement to work for them.

Your Employment Insurance Policy

You don't even need a formal education beyond a high school degree. And once you get your CDL, you always have a job available to you, even if you look for other opportunities in the meanwhile. Consider truck driving as an insurance policy to quickly get a job and always have one available in order to pay off student loan debt (or any type of debt!)

Seasonal Work

This constant job availability also benefits seasonal workers. For example, during the holiday season, truckers are in need for Thanksgiving and Christmas deliveries by companies such as UPS. Harvest times may also be good for hauling in the spring or summer. Large-fleet companies such as Schneider and Service One Transportation also hire for flexible seasonal positions.


Truck driving is a unique career that appeals to people who want independence, freedom on the road, and good pay. And best of all, it's highly in demand.

For more information, check out the new, easy-to-follow "Become a Truck Driver" guide on to learn all about this career opportunity. Get salary info, learn how to get training, and discover if this is the job for you.

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