Will Quitting a Job Affect Future Employment?

Quitting a job happens to almost everyone at least once. Provided you depart from a job appropriately, you should face no repercussions for quitting.

Bad News about Quitting

Quitting a job, even a bad job, is never easy. If you're quitting a job because it is intolerable, or quitting a job that you like because you got a better offer, you may be anxious about your decision. You may wonder if your current boss will provide a good reference or if quitting a job will impair your job search, especially if your company or boss is well-known in your profession.

Quitting on the spur of the moment, without adequate notice, is a career-limiting move, at least temporarily. Even if the job is horrible, do your best to give appropriate notice and find new employment. A boss who is well-known in the field and considered an exemplary professional may not be willing to give a good reference to a person who quit without notice, and your boss's opinion will carry weight with other professionals in the field. But if the job is just too much and the boss is too unreasonable, depend on other references to get you into your next job and downplay the ability of your unreasonable boss to speak about your work ethic and abilities.

The further you get in your professional life from this job, the less it will matter in your work history, so moving on should provide more and better job options. Remain discreet in interviews, no matter how tempted you are to tell terrible boss/terrible job stories, and downplay your experiences in the job you had to leave.

Good News about Quitting

If you quit in a positive manner by following the advice in the exit strategies provided by CVTips.com, the transition should be smooth.

To depart from your job, provide appropriate notice, which usually means informing your boss of your intention to quit at least 2 weeks prior to what you hope will be your final day. You should provide a resignation letter and have an in-person discussion with your boss about your intention to quit. If you like your job and your work but think you have found something better, an in-person discussion gives your boss a chance to come up with a counteroffer.

Some departures aren't permanent. There are many major corporations that will hire someone back who had a good work history and stellar work evaluations.

Even if you are anxious about quitting, an appropriately handled resignation will allow you to move on to different, if not better, jobs. Leaving behind a good boss and a good job in a professional manner will mean you can get a good reference if you always met expectations. It also leaves the door open for your return, should you decide to come back and work for this company in the future.

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