Interview Help: Discussing Your Strengths

Many job seekers look for interview help in order to have a successful job interview. One thing that will be part of nearly every interview is discussing your strengths. Every business wants to know exactly what you can bring to them if they hire you. Here are a few things to consider about discussing your strength in an interview.

Confidence Not Cockiness

When the interviewer asks you to discuss your strengths, you want to try to be as accurate as possible. You want to convey your strengths in a manner that is professional and straightforward. You should exude confidence, but avoid sounding arrogant. Interviewers like people that are confident and avoid people that seem cocky. Try to be as genuine as possible when speaking about your strengths. 

Skills and Abilities

When they ask you about your strengths, be sure to mention your skills and abilities that might be relevant to the job. If you are vague when speaking about your strengths and do not give them any specific skills or abilities that you bring to the table, this part of the interview will not help you much. For example, if you are a great web designer, do not be afraid to mention this. If you can type 100 words per minute, this could be a very valuable skill that your prospective employer likes.

Character Traits

In addition to providing them with skills and abilities, you will want to be sure to cover your best character traits as well. During an interview, they want to ascertain what type of person you are. Most companies are looking for good people that are willing to learn. Therefore, your character may be more important to them than what skills you already know. Talk about things like integrity, flexibility, your ability to work within a team, and work ethic. These are all things that are crucial employee personality traits for any employer.

Translate Strengths to Accomplishments

Many people talk about their strengths and do not ever translate that further into accomplishments. When you tell your employer that you are good at something, be prepared to give them an example of this in a previous work environment. You want to be able to show them at you can get results with these strengths that you have. You should always finish talking about each individual strength with a pertinent example about how you put it into practice. Many job seekers do not take this extra step and if you do, it will effectively separate you from the masses.


Before going into an interview, you need to sit down and practice the skills thoroughly. You know that the job interviewer will most likely ask about your strengths. Therefore, spend some time talking out loud about your strengths and how you put them into practice. This will make it feel much more natural when the interview takes place. Also, practice in front of a mirror to avoid body language that does not communicate confidence, experience and a good work ethic.

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