Job Interview Follow-Up

The process of interview follow-up is critical if you want to secure a job. Following up on the job interview successfully could be the difference between you and someone else getting the job that you want. Here are a few things to consider about how to follow up after a job interview.

Delicate Balance

There is an art to following up correctly after a job interview. There is a delicate balance between seeming desperate and motivated. If you come across as needy or desperate during your follow-up, this will most likely turn off the person that you interviewed with. Therefore, you have to approach the follow-up process with the proper attitude. Work all the time under the assumption that you have got the job. This will help to eliminate that desperate feel in everything that you do. You need to convey a sense of confidence with the interviewer at all times. This can make a huge difference in the way that the interviewer portrays you and it could separate you from the rest of the pack. 

Prefacing the Follow Up

A big part of avoiding looking desperate is setting up the follow-up process properly. If you do not have a legitimate reason to follow up, the interviewer will not appreciate all of the extra contact. This means that you need to prepare for the follow-up while you are still in the interview. Before you leave the interview, you need to ask them a question that will lead to a natural follow-up process. Once the interview is complete, ask them for some sort of timeline on when they hope to fill the position. They will typically give you an idea of when they will make their decision. For example, they might say, "We hope to have someone by the end of the week." When they say this, feel free to ask them if you can check back with them at the end of the week or the beginning of the following week. Typically, they will tell you that this is fine and that you should stay in touch. This will help set the stage for a successful follow-up.

Thank You Cards

After you are done with the interview, you should immediately go home and write a thank you card to the person that you spoke with. This does not have to be an elaborately decorated card. Anything that can convey your appreciation to the person for speaking with you will be fine. Send the card to them in the mail the next day. When they receive the thank you card, this will give them a good impression of you immediately.

Phone Call

When you reach the date that the interviewer gave you that they will make a possible decision, you need to call them back. You might wait until the following day just to avoid seeming desperate. Tell them that you just want to follow up with them about the position that you interviewed for. They will either tell you that you got the job, tell you that you did not get the job, or that they do not know yet. If they do not know, continue to follow-up with them at a later date.

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