Between Jobs? Resume-Building Ideas during Unemployment

Resume building is an activity that you should be thinking about at all times. This is even true when you are unemployed. Here are a few resume-building ideas you can use whenever you are not working.

Work in an Internship

Unemployment might be a good opportunity to get involved with an internship. There are many unpaid internships out there that can provide you with valuable experience in an area that is related to your career. By working in an internship, you may perform many of the tasks that you will need to perform later on in your job. Additional experience can make you look good when you put it on your resume. Having the right internship might be the difference between getting a job in the future or allowing someone else to get the job.

Volunteer at Charities

You should also consider volunteering your time to a charity. Many worthy charitable organizations regularly need help from volunteers. Most of the time, they will be able to find some type of task that you are good at and enjoy doing. You will be able to make a difference in people's lives and build your resume at the same time. Many employers like to see employees that have a heart for philanthropic activities. 

Consider Job Shadowing

You should also consider checking out some of the job-shadowing programs that may be available in your area. These programs will allow you to follow someone around that is working in the same profession or position that you would like to work in eventually. You will be able to spend time with that person while on the job, and you will see what the job is like. By doing this, you will have a much better idea of what you should expect when you get into your chosen career. When you apply for jobs in the future, potential employers will like to see that you have spent some time learning about your chosen field.

Further Your Education

There is no better time than when you are between jobs to further your education. If you have been putting off going back to school or taking a class, you might as well do it now. You should be able to get student loans if you cannot afford to pay for the school, because you do not have to have a certain amount of income to qualify. If you do not have your bachelor's degree yet, you should consider getting it. Even if you do have your bachelor's degree, you might want to consider working toward a master's degree or even a doctorate. Nothing builds a resume quite like education does.

Look for More Information

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