Sample Entry Level Cover Letter

Entry level cover letters can be difficult because putting together the basic elements of entry level cover letters can be overwhelming. The overall letter should basically be a straightforward business letter. The basic premise of a cover letter is to promote your application and your qualifications. Cover letters are also supposed to be attention-getters. Entry level cover letters are some of the most difficult to write because the positions are usually competitive and most people are starting with much the same academic credentials. Here are a few pointers to show how entry level cover letters are structured, and what information is required.

Cover Letter Structure

The basic principle for business letter is to present your facts first, and details second. The cover letter should provide the reader with a general overview and be very easy to read. There are a few structure notes that you should pay attention to:

  • Always use the recipient's references in your opening text or header
  • Provide all relevant information efficiently
  • Avoid lengthy sentences
  • Use paragraphs to separate subjects
  • Use bullet points to state a series of points, rather than commas in sentences

Basic Paragraph Structure

There are three paragraphs in the cover letter. They are the motivational, skills and achievements paragraphs. Each paragraph will specifically spell out an aspect of your career.

  • Motivational paragraph: The "Why you want the job information". This is often a decisive factor for employers looking for entry level people with clear commitments to the position.
  • Essential skills information: This is where you develop your information from the basic materials on the resume. You should have plenty of information to list in this section. For example, you would list your academic work, internships and any extracurricular.
  • Achievements information paragraph: The achievements paragraph highlights your work values to the employer. You can show measurable, standout qualities related to the position.

Basic example

Human Resources ABC Electrical Inc

1234 Main Street

Mostplaces KT,  Zip Code

Dear Sir or Madam:

Re: Customer service officer (appliances) (your ref: ABC 1234CSO)

I wish to apply for the above position advertised on your website on dd/mm/yyyy. Please my resume and application form attached. I am currently employed as a sales trainer and I am taking courses at DEF Inc Business College to further develop my skills.

My experience in the industry includes:

  • A full range of retail sales in goods, consumer durables and domestic appliances.
  • Experience in loans and  approvals for major appliances.
  • Extensive experience with customer complaints and inquiries.

I've achieved some successes in my present role in customer service, including:

  • Top salesperson of the year (twice)
  • Employee of the Month (nine times)
  • Promoted for three years.

I believe I would be able to make a positive contribution to the Customer services (appliances) position. Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Yours sincerely,



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