4 Tips for Using Online Job Boards

Online job boards are often the best place to begin looking for a new career. Most companies utilize these resources because they are a fast and easy way to get information to as many potential employees as possible. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of job boards on the Internet, and sifting through them can be overwhelming. By using the tips below, you can minimize anxiety and maximize results. For more on job boards, visit CVTips.com.

1: Create a Plan

Every successful job search begins with a solid plan. Before beginning your search, decide what type of job you are looking for and what type of salary you will be expecting. You should also decide where you would like to work and whether you are willing to relocate. You will then be able to narrow your search and find potential jobs more quickly. By filtering search results based on field, location and salary, you are sure to find dozens are great jobs.

2: Stick with It

Sticking with a plan can be the most challenging part of a job search. If you are currently employed, dedicate at least 2 hours a day to scanning online job boards. If you are unemployed, you should spend upwards of 6 to 8 hours a day scanning online job boards and applying for positions. Make a list of great jobs each day and take the time to create high-quality cover letters for those jobs. Applying to mediocre jobs you do not want is a waste of time, so focus on positions that truly suit you. This is a time-consuming endeavor, and you absolutely must stay on track. Online job boards are updated several times a day, so by staying focused and sticking with a plan, you could find the perfect job for you.

3: Seek Niche Job Boards

After spending a few days looking over online job boards, you will learn which job boards suit your needs the best. For example, if you are looking for a career in health care, searching online job boards that are completely focused on health care jobs would be a better use of your time than using less specific online job boards. Also, experiment with different key words when you search for positions. For example, you could try "secretary," "administrative assistant" and "office manager."

4: Take a Break

If you begin to feel overwhelmed by the number of results on online job boards, consider taking a break for a few hours. This will give you a bit of time to think about how you can narrow your search even more. If you are not finding enough results, this break will give you time to think about expanding your search. Taking a break from searching the online job boards will also give you time to focus on other parts of your application process, such as your cover letter or resume.

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