5 Student Summer Jobs that Look Good on Resumes

Student Summer Jobs are the greatest way for college students to stay active, gain experience, enhance their resume, and earn a bit of extra cash. It is important to consider what a future employer will look for on your resume. Many employers seek recent graduates who have leadership experience and organizational skills. Choosing student summer jobs that look good on resumes can affect your potential success in the future.

Clerical Assistant

Many campus offices and local businesses seek assistants during the summer who can work 40 hours a week filing documents, greeting customers or clients, and answering phone calls. If you work hard, come to work on time, and make a solid attempt to work well with others, your employer will likely write you a solid reference letter when you apply for jobs after graduation. Also, this position will exhibit organization, reliability, and ability to work in a team environment; all of which are ideal qualities on a resume.

Paid Summer Intern

Many students are able to find summer internships throughout the country that will enhance their resume. Washington, D.C. has hundreds of internships with political leaders on Capitol Hill, non-profit companies, and government contractors. New York City is another city with great paid internships. Talk with your professors to get an idea of which companies would best complement your college degree. Taking an internship in a new city will show future employers that you are capable of removing yourself from your comfort zone and willing to take on the challenge of living in an unfamiliar location. Internships are a great way to gain learning experience.

Leadership Conference Counselor

Many summer leadership conferences hire college students to teach high school and junior high students leadership skills. These conferences take place in multiple cities and offer college students the opportunity to gain leadership experience and travel the country, all while earning a few extra dollars. Many employers seek recent graduates with ample leadership experience, so jobs of this nature would look great on a resume. In addition, for students seeking a position as a teacher, becoming a leadership conference counselor will give you a bit of teaching experience--an additional enhancement to your resume. 

Outdoor Camp Counselor

While many student summer jobs will take place indoors, an outdoor camp counselor will have the opportunity to lead young children, teach students about nature, and partake in many different outdoor activities. All student summer jobs show employers that you are responsible and independent, but an outdoor job exhibits the ability to adjust to an ever changing environment.

Retail Associate

Retail associate positions teach students customer service, hospitality, and salesmanship. All of these qualities are highly sought after by employers. Also, if you maintain a retail associate positions for several consecutive summers in the same store, you will likely be promoted to a position with greater responsibility. Many employers seek recent graduates with sales experience. Plus, the discounts that come with working in a retail store are a great perk!

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