6 Part Time College Jobs

Part-time college jobs can provide you with a way to pay for expenses while you are in school. There are many different on-campus and off-campus jobs that you might want to consider. Here are a few job ideas to think about when you are attending college.

1. Bank Teller

A popular part-time job among many college students is that of a bank teller. In most areas, there are many different banks for you to potentially choose from. Many of them will need part-time help which works out great for college students. With this job, you will work directly with bank customers and help them with their banking needs. You will need to be trustworthy and honest in order to handle large amounts of cash daily. Working in a bank will provide you with a very clean and comfortable environment that many people enjoy.

2. Computer Lab Assistant

Most colleges will have several different computer labs on campus. These computer labs need assistants in order to help students with computer problems. If you have a basic knowledge of computers, this may be a very good job for you. Typically, your pay for this type of job will depend on your skill level with computers. You will also have plenty of time to study and do other things while you are in the computer lab.

3. Fitness Trainer

If you enjoy working out, you might consider getting a job as a fitness trainer. You may be able to find a position on campus in a fitness facility. If not, there will most likely be several private gyms that you could get a job with. This will give you an opportunity to work closely with people and assist them with their fitness goals.

4. Library Assistant

In most cases, your college will have a large library on campus. With such a large library, they will need many different employees to help maintain it. This can provide you with a good job that is located directly on campus. You may be responsible for checking books in and out. You may also have to help people find books and put them back on the shelves when they are returned. This will be a simple job with a minimal amount of stress.

5. Delivery Driver

Many college students choose to get a job as a delivery driver. One of the most common delivery jobs is working for a pizza restaurant. However, there are many different types of delivery jobs out there. You might work for a courier service or an appliance delivery company. This can be a good job because it allows you a chance to get out and work in different environments everyday.

6. Hotel Desk Clerk

Another good job for college students is working for a hotel. You can get a job at the front desk of a hotel and it could be the perfect opportunity for you. If you work during a time that is not busy, you can get most of your studying and other work done.

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