Common On Campus Jobs

Campus jobs can provide you with an opportunity to earn money while you are in college. Many people get involved in a work study program because of their convenience and the benefits that they provide. Here are a few common on campus jobs that you might want to consider.

Library Attendant

Most colleges have a very large library that will require a lot of help in order to maintain. Therefore, there is a good chance that you may be able to secure a job as a library attendant. With this position, you will help students find books, check them out, and then check the books back in. You may also spend much of your time putting books back on the shelves. This is a very simple job that can provide you with steady work while you are in college.

Admission Office Worker

Working in the admissions office is another possible job that you might look into. The admissions office in your school most likely will need some help in order to process all of the paperwork that comes through. You may have to answer phones, make copies, file papers, and perform other clerical tasks. As an admissions office worker, you will be able to help prospective students complete the necessary steps to become a student at the college.

Gym Attendant

You may also be able to get a job as a gym attendant. Most colleges will have a few different gyms on campus that will need employees to maintain them. You might be responsible for checking student IDs when they come in the door of the gym. Gym attendance are also responsible for checking out equipment to students. You might have to do some basic cleaning and maintenance tasks as well.

Restaurant Employee

Most colleges will have some type of a food court on campus. There will be a variety of different restaurants their that all need help in order to function. You can choose between different restaurants in order to find one that you like. With this type of job, you might have to cook the food, serve the customers, and clean the restaurant.

Resident Assistant

Another good job that you might consider getting on campus is a position as a resident assistant. As a resident assistant, you will live in the dorms and be in charge of a particular area. You might be in charge of an entire floor of a dormitory. With this job, you will be in charge of overseeing what goes on on your floor. You will interact with other students and help them with any problems that they might have. You also have to enforce rules about living in the dorms. With this position, you should be able to live in the dorms for free or get a significant discount on room and board. This job can be very desirable because you do not have a set schedule like many other on-campus jobs.

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