Gain Job Training through Your Summer Job

The summer job can be a valuable way of gaining job training. There are a few straightforward ways of using summer jobs as career assets. Many employers also run internships and other useful skills-building types of employment experience, which can make your graduate resume look good.

How to Use Your Summer Job as a Career Asset

Depending on your interests, a bit of hunting around online among employers in your field can uncover a surprising number of job training options. This is a way of getting a flying start in your career, and these jobs are particularly useful in creating a track record for resume purposes.

The advantages of these summer jobs are many:

  • Direct experience: Summer jobs can give you direct experience for your resume, and these are also great job training opportunities. You can save a lot of time in your professional life by gaining essential training before you need a full-time job.
  • References: These jobs can provide good sources for references.
  • Career objectives: The summer jobs look good on resumes because they show you've been pursuing your career goals. If you've been doing relevant summer jobs for a few years, your experience levels also mean you're more skilled, and therefore a better employment prospect, than some other recent graduates.
  • Fun: The profession-based summer job can be a lot more fun than chasing burgers, too. The people who take these jobs are all motivated people, more interested in the work; you may find a lot of fellow enthusiasts in a summer gig who are doing things you actually want to do.

How to Check Out Summer Jobs for the Experience You Need

Finding these jobs is easier than it might seem. If you're really interested in a particular line of work, you've probably got a lot of bookmarks and references ready to use. Check out the training and career links on those sites. You can also contact the training officers and find out what's available.

You definitely won't be wasting your time. This is a chance to check out excellent job training options and in many cases get paid for your time as well. Whatever area you're interested in, the work experience will be valuable as an introduction to the industry.

Classic cases of how these jobs can help with your career aspirations are the media summer trainee jobs. You can get basic job training in media with pay and get a good look at how media production operates. This is absolutely essential experience, and you really do need to have this experience to work in media at any level. 

Note: If you need to start your career training from scratch, an employment site called CV Tips has a whole range of how-to articles for people starting out in just about any career you can imagine, from truck driving to forensic anthropology. In many cases, the early experience stages are critical in developing your career. You'll be able to see how summer internships and other types of job training fit into the career path you've chosen.

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