Graduate Exams and Preparation Resources

If you are planning to move further up the educational path after your 4-year degree, you may want to familiarize yourself with the different entrance exams required for the various grad progams. There are separate exams for each graduate program, check them out below:


Information: Graduate Management Admission Test (Business Schools)

Test preparation: Testing, Exam, Prep Resources

GRE: Graduate Record Examination (Graduate Schools)

Information: GRE Information and Resources

Test preparation: Testing Help and Information

LSAT: Law School Admission Test

Information: LSAT: Law School Admission Test Resources

Getting started: LSAT Beginning Information and Resources

MCAT: Medical College Admission Test

Information: MCAT: Medical College Admission Test

Practice tests: MCAT Practice Tests

Recommended Reading

Kaplan preparation testing services: Graduate entrance exams workshops

Princeton Review: Test Prep Courses

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