How to Find a Summer Internship

A summer internship has the potential to lead to full-time employment after graduation, so spend the necessary time finding a summer internship that will complement your educational background and look great on your resume. While looking for an internship, it is important to think about whether or not you are willing to relocate for the summer. Do you want to take an internship in Washington, DC or Los Angeles? Also, consider your financial situation--will you be able to take on an unpaid internship? To help alleviate as much stress as possible, we have provided you with a few successful ways to find a summer internship.

Campus Resources
Begin your search by talking to professors in your department. They will be able to help you decide what type of internship will give you the most beneficial experience. Also, your professors will also be able to give you more information about how you can gain college credit while completing your internship. Many departments have specific people in charge of locating internships for students. Failing to utilize this resource can lead to a less satisfying internship and potentially cause you to miss out on great opportunities. After discussing options with your professors, you should contact your campus career office for internships that your department may not know about.

Internet Resources
Sometimes the best way to find your dream summer internship is to simply go to the websites of your favorite organizations. Most companies, at the very least, offer unpaid internships. Other companies are financially capable of hiring paid interns for the summer. Many job search websites have sections for internships as well. For more tips on using the Internet to research for a summer internship visit

Networking is Key
While networking is typically thought of as a resource for finding full-time employment, it can always be very beneficial when looking for a summer internship. Talk to friends, family members, colleagues and mentors about your internship search. Attend career fair events throughout your community and ask employers about summer internships. Don't forget to use peers as resources as well. Many of your classmates may have previously participated in a summer internship and may be able to help you with your search.

Don't Give Up

Most summer interns are selected before April, but sometimes the selected interns are unable to follow through with their commitment to participate in the summer internship. Companies often rely heavily on summer interns to perform administrative tasks, and any vacancies in intern positions must be filled immediately. As a result, it is possible to acquire a summer internship as late as mid-June.

Remain Professional
Treat all internship applications with the care and attention that you would if you were applying for a full-time job. Make sure there are no errors on your application, research the company to the fullest extent, and wear a suit to your interview. Companies seek respectable interns who are eager to learn and willing to do a little bit of grunt work.

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