Make Sure You Leave Your Summer Job on Good Terms

Having a summer job can provide you with a great way to gain experience and make some extra money. When you are ready to leave your summer job, it is important that you do so on good terms with your employer. Here are a few things to consider about leaving your job on good terms.

Give Notice

Although your employer most likely knows that you are going to be leaving towards the end of summer, you need to be sure to give them plenty of notice. Do not simply wait until the last day of summer and then walk out of your job and never come back. You need to tell your employer least two weeks before you plan on leaving. This way, they will be able to find someone to replace you or at least start lining up some applicants before you take off. If you do not provide enough notice to your employer, it is going to leave a bitter taste in their mouth about you.

Be Professional

Whenever you are preparing to leave your summer job, you need to make sure that you are professional at all times. When you are giving your two week notice, make sure that you are as professional as possible. You do not ever want to get personal during this process. Thank your employer for the opportunity and let them know that you have enjoyed working with them.

Avoid Complaining

If you are talking to your employer in person when you give them the news, you want to make sure that you avoid complaining. No one likes to hear all of the bad things about a company whenever an employee is leaving. Even if you have had several disputes with other employees or managers, you want to avoid talking about this at this time. Your employer will start to form a negative opinion about you if you start to unload on them for all of the things that you hated about your job. Instead, try to focus on the future and avoid worrying about what has happened in the past.

Be Dependable

Many employees start to take it easy whenever they know that they are about to leave a job. When you give your two week notice, that does not mean that you can simply coast through the last two weeks of your job and get paid for. Try to be as dependable as possible and act as if you were going to be in this job for the foreseeable future. If your boss sees that you are sitting around and doing nothing during this period, this is not going to reflect well on you. Work as hard as you can and it is going to leave a great impression on you with your boss. Then, if you ever need any recommendations in the future, they will more than likely give you a good one.

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