How to Tell Your Boss You Found a New After-School Job

Leaving an after-school job is a big decision that deserves your proper attention. You need to take some steps before you leave one after-school job for another. You want to remain in good standing with your current employer for the sake of receiving letters of recommendation in the future. Before you give notice that you will be leaving, you need to lock down a new after-school job and be absolutely certain it is the right decision. Below, you will find a few tips for leaving one job for another without burning any bridges.

Take Care of Any Conflicts

The key to informing your current boss about your new job is to direct the subject in a positive direction. If you are having conflicts at your current job, you should discuss those conflicts with care--offending your boss could make your last 2 weeks at the company a pretty rocky 2 weeks. If you are leaving because the new job is simply more exciting and a better fit for you, be honest with your current boss about it. Very few people expect teenagers to keep part-time jobs forever, so they should understand your desire to move on to something different. For more tips on how to leave your after-school job, visit

Practice with a Friend

It is perhaps a bit too optimistic to think that all employers are going to understand your reasons for moving on to a different after-school job, so prepare for the worst. Your employer could express some disappointment or may even try to talk you out of your decision. Practice this conversation with a friend or family member. If you remain confident during your conversation with your employer, the outcome will likely be a smooth 2 weeks and a bigger and better job, plus a great recommendation letter in the future.

Give Proper Notice

You should have a conversation with your current employer about your new after-school job at least 2 weeks before you plan to quit. A 2-week notice will give the employer the opportunity to find someone to fill the position after you have left. It will also give you time to prepare for the new job. Your new employer will respect the fact that you need to give your current company a heads-up before leaving. This is a sign you will treat the new company with the same respect if you decide to leave that after-school job in the future.

Finish in Style

You must continue to be a great employee during the last 2 weeks of your job. Come to work on time and complete all tasks as needed. Co-workers may treat you differently when they find out you are leaving, but you should continue to treat them with dignity and respect. Your boss will be impressed with your work, and you will feel comfortable going back to the place of business long after you have finished working there.

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