Job Etiquette and Behavior Tips for Teens

Especially for your first job or perhaps a new one, you need to understand job etiquette, or how you should be behaving while you are working. Here are a few job etiquette and behavior tips.

1: Avoid Personal Issues

Many teenagers tend to bring their personal and school issues with them to the job. While this is only natural, you need to do your best to focus on the job instead of your personal issues. If you are having a fight with one of your parents or someone at school, you do not need to bring that attitude with you to your job. Try to forget about it while you are on the clock. If you continually bring your problems with you to work, your boss is going to notice and will most likely not appreciate it.

2: Avoid Cell Phones

Another problem that many teenagers run into is that they spend too much time on their cell phones while they are supposed to be working. This is even more common now that smart phones have taken over and you can do practically anything from your phone. Instead of talking, texting and surfing the Internet on your phone, you should leave your phone alone while you are working. If you are expecting an important call, and your employer allows you to use a cell phone at work, there is nothing wrong with occasionally taking a call on your phone. If your boss doesn't allow you to use your cell phone at work, he or she may allow someone to call on the business line.

However, you should not spend a great deal of time on personal calls on a regular basis. Before long, your employer will grow tired of seeing you on the phone, and your supervisor might reprimand you for it.

3: Be Professional

Anytime you are on the clock, you should strive to be as professional as possible. Many teenagers think that they are only teenagers and they do not have to act in a professional manner yet. While you may not necessarily have to act professional at all times, it can help you in the long run. Those that remain professional are going to have the best chance of getting promotions and eventually moving up in their jobs. Displaying consistent professionalism will also garner you a good reference if you decide to move to a different job.

4: Quit Properly

Most jobs you have as a teenager are not going to last that long. Whenever the time comes for you to quit, you need to do so in a professional manner. You do not want to get into a fight with your boss and storm out of your job. You do not want to simply leave and never come back without telling anyone. Whenever it is time to quit, you need to be sure to give them ample notice. Let them know at least 2 weeks in advance, if not longer. This way, if you ever need a recommendation in the future, your boss will not hesitate to give you one.

More Information

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