Jobs for Teens Under 16

Finding jobs for teens might seem challenging. However, even if you are under the age of 16, there are several different jobs that you could potentially do. Here are a few part-time jobs that you might want to consider if you are under the age of 16. 

Yard Work

Doing yard work is one of the most popular jobs for teens under the age of 16. You could potentially develop quite a business by mowing yards and performing landscaping tasks. Many of your neighbors may be willing to pay for these services and provide you with some extra money. You could bring your own tools or borrow those of your customers. Most of this work will only be available during the warm months of the year depending on where you live.


Another popular job for teens under the age of 16 is babysitting. This job will involve watching young children and making sure that they are safe. This can be a very enjoyable job because you can do things that you enjoy while working. Many times, you will be sitting in a house while the children that you are watching are in bed. This will allow you to do your homework, read a magazine, or surf the Internet until the parents get home. This will allow you to get paid for doing something that you enjoy. It can also be very rewarding to make a difference in the lives of small children. In many areas, you will be able to find as much work as you want in this industry.

Paper Route

Another good job to consider for young teenagers is working on a paper route. With this job, you can ride your bike around the city and deliver newspapers to subscriber's homes. This job will require you to before daylight and work everyday. However, having this job will allow you to get your work done before school and be done for the day. Most of these jobs pay by the number of papers that you deliver. Therefore, as you get more efficient at your job, you can get done with your work quicker.

Pet Sitter

Another job that you might want to consider is becoming a pet sitter. As more and more people put an emphasis on the importance of their pets, there is more demand for qualified pet sitters. With this job, you will get to work closely with animals and help pet owners that have to be away. This job might require you to simply go to a client's home and take their dog for a walk. At other times, you might have to watch a dog or cat overnight while their owner is out of town. This can be a very simple job and you can provide service to many different clients.

Farm Worker

If you live near a rural area, there is a good chance that you could find work with a farm. This could involve any number of tasks that deal with physical labor. It may be hard work, but it will provide you with a paycheck.

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