More than a Paycheck: Develop Skills on the Job

If you can develop skills on the job, you will likely find success in the future. Instead of looking at your job as simply a paycheck, you need to look at it as a way to develop your skills. Here are a few things to consider about developing skills on the job.


Whenever you are working, you need to consider how you can better develop skills. Many teenagers have jobs that they may not necessarily love. While this job that you are doing now may not be your life's calling, you can make the best of it. While you are working in this job, you need to think about how you can get better for your next job. Make skill development a high priority in your daily work.

Transferable Skills

Regardless of what position you are in now, there are certain skills that you could transfer to your future career. These are known as transferable skills, and they are important for you to identify. For example, let's say that you are working in a restaurant. You regularly serve customers and you promote certain items to them. You might read the daily specials and offer them certain desserts that you think they might like. This ability to promote certain things could translate into a marketing career in the future. When you know how to successfully market items to customers, you can translate this skill into a different position in the future. It might even be applicable if you want to apply for a sales job someday. You need to always be looking for transferable skills like this so that you can do your best to develop them while you are working.

Tracking Your Progress

Whenever you are trying to develop skills on the job, you need to come up with a system in order to track your progress. While you may not be able to clearly define where you are with a certain skill, you need to do the best you can. At the end of each week or month, sit down and reflect on how you are developing the skills you have. Look at yourself at the beginning of the time period and at the end to see the change. Create some type of a tracking system such as a chart or spreadsheets so you can make notes of your progress. While this might seem like a tedious task, it will help you stay on track. If you hold yourself accountable with this system, you will think about developing your skills on a daily basis instead of just going to work and earning a paycheck. 

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