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Sondra Clark People always ask how I came to write five books. Well, when I was eight years old, I asked my mom, "Can I write a book?" She said "Sure!". She also told me to write about what I know. That's how I came to write my two craft books.

When I was 11, Baker Books asked me to write two books to help kids reach for their dreams and also get involved in volunteer activities. Maybe you have a goal to become a world famous piano player or a soccer star. My book, You've Got What It Takes! will help you reach your goal.

Writing the books has given me many fun opportunities. I've been on lots of television shows like the Donny and Marie show, the 700 Club, Home Matters and Smart Solutions. I also get to do radio interviews and talk to magazine reporters.

I especially like speaking at conferences and school assemblies. Let me know if you'd like information about having me give a speech to your group. I always tell people that writing a book is hard work, but if you set a goal of writing 2-3 pages every day, soon the book will be done!

When I'm not busy as a 8th grader at Kulshan Middle school I play soccer, act out Broadway musicals and participate in activities at my church.

Oh yes, I also do lots of craft projects!

-- Sondra

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