Teen Job Idea: Camp Counselor

The job of camp counselor is one of the summer jobs that many teens fail to consider. However, this can be a very rewarding and exciting job for you to try. Here are a few things to consider about being a camp counselor and what you should expect out of the job.

Summer Camps

There are many different types of summer camps out there that you could potentially work for as a camp counselor. You can find religious summer camps, sports related summer camps, organizational summer camps, and many other types of camps. This variety allows you to find something that you are interested in as an individual. By choosing a camp that is based around an area of interest, you can really start to enjoy your work.

What Camp Counselors Do

The job of a camp counselor is a very diverse one. You will be accomplishing a number of tasks throughout your day. Camp counselors work as mentors to younger children in the camp. You will have a big influence on the lives of these children and help contribute to one of the best memories of their childhood. As a camp counselor, you will also work as an intermediary between all of the kids. Your job will start when you wake up and finish when you go to sleep. You might even have to wake up in the middle of the night and prevent kids from sneaking out of the dorms.

Camp counselors will often get too participate in the activities with the children. You can be a good example and show the younger kids how to perform the activities. This allows you to have fun and get paid for doing it.

While a good portion of your job as a camp counselor will revolve around fun activities, there are some serious responsibilities as well. First of all, you will have to help protect the kids at all times. This might involve taking your turn as a lifeguard at the pool. You might have to help light the path during a late-night hike. Camp counselors may also have to administer first aid or other safety procedures. Therefore, you will put the safety and well-being of the camp members above every other responsibility.

Benefits of Being a Camp Counselor

There are several great benefits of being a camp counselor. You will be able to earn a steady paycheck during the summer months. There are typically many camps that you can work at during the summer. In addition to this, you will also receive free accommodations during the camp. You should also be able to eat for free at the camp cafeteria.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of being a camp counselor is that you get to make personal interactions with impressionable children. You can help them in so many ways during camp. Campers are likely to remember the lessons that they learned from you later in life.

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