Getting to Your Part Time Job at a Teen

A common problem that teens have when applying for a job is transportation to and from work. has put together some helpful advice on how to go about managing this common issue with your family when you aren't one of those lucky teenagers who has their own car.

Get Their Support

First, by getting the support of your parents, you can negotiate with them to provide you with transportation to and from work.

Be Reasonable

Be reasonable when asking your parents for help getting to work. Remember that they don't have a car just to cart YOU around; they need it too! When talking with your parents about how you'll get to work, don't be stubborn or rude. Try to be as flexible as possible. Your parents will appreciate your attitude and they'll be much more likely to help with your transportation issues.

Get Your Schedule Up Front

The best way to compromise with your parents is to take the initiative with your employer and ask that you get a fairly straight-forward schedule that stays the same from week-to-week. That way, your parents can rely on you being at work at the same times each day or week and can arrange their own schedules accordingly. Get your schedule and your parents schedule as far in advance as possible. Work out any conflicts on your own and then present the work schedule to your parents as soon as you can, so that they can make any adjustments to their own schedule that may be needed.

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